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Garage Door Service in Buena Park, CA

The team at Garage Door Repair offers garage door service in the Buena Park area when you need it. We are ready to resolve any issue you run into on any day of the week. Our friendly team looks forward to meeting you and building a permanent relationship you can count on.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When There’s A Problem

If you run into a problem with your garage door do not panic, we can help you through it. Our maintenance and repair starts on the phone with our amazing and knowledgeable customer service reps. They can help to troubleshoot a variety of issues.

If your garage door will no longer open give it a good visual inspection checking for anything that looks out-of-place or broken from top to bottom. Here are some things you should look out for:

  • Tracks - Check for anything obstructing the rollers from moving up and down. Something could be stuck and you just need to pull it out or the tracks may be bent. Sometimes if there are minor dents you can knock them back into place with a hammer.
  • Rollers - Check to see if the roller is staying on the track.
  • Eye sensors - Check for dirt and debris covering your eye sensors. This could prevent your garage door from opening and closing.

If you notice broken springs do not tamper with them and do not try to manually open your garage door.

The Basics Of Routine Maintenance

Before you schedule your routine maintenance you probably want to know exactly what to expect. Well, that is pretty easy to answer and we stand by our maintenance and repair services so we know you will want to schedule your appointment right away. Our friendly technician will arrive promptly at your door and give you a rundown of everything he or she will check for.

Some of the things include loose, old, worn, or rusted hardware and then replacing or tightening whatever needs it. We lubricate all moving parts allowing these parts to move with ease. Tuning the door is another part of the routine maintenance, along with an overall check for anything not functioning properly.

Prevent Emergencies and Schedule Maintenance

Whether you have an emergency service budget or not usually people would rather prevent them. We know that scheduling yearly maintenance at the same time every year will help to extend the life of your door and prevent some emergencies. Your garage door is a machine just like other appliances in your home and even your body.

What happens if you do not take care of your bodies basic needs? It starts to break down of course and that is what we are trying to prevent. Scheduling regular maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your garage door.

Call Our Team For Service

When you need garage door services, Garage Door Repair of Buena Park will be there as quickly as we can. We have a dedicated and eager team ready to service your Buena Park garage door seven days a week. Call us today to discuss your next service solution.

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